Wednesday, 1 May 2013

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Saturday, 30 October 2010

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This blog is now an archive and has been replaced by view from Valdovino

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Not a great day at school, neither of the boys wanted to go in this morning and when we picked Rowan up after school he had cut a couple of large holes in his trousers because he was fed up with getting blamed for what others were doing and at all the shouting from the teacher and Callum's teacher says he has no books - that is the 130 euros worth of books I gave the teacher yesterday in a plastic bag "Ah los libros; bien" she smiled at me yesterday, I am not impressed with her memory at the moment.

BTW thanks for the messages requesting membership - no time to play tonight so I will make changes tomorrow.


Monday, 14 September 2009

Rowan birthday

Rowan had a wonderful birthday with parcels from the UK arrivng just in time on the day.
He was muy contento

Enjoyed his first cake and the next one
That is a volcano in case you were wondering

He was pleased to have help with the blowing out and some other cakes arrived too
It was a tad windy so I knocked up a windbreak and we hung a Panyata fom it, Coco is over just now it was great to see him again I haven't hardly seen him since I taught him in primary school.

It wasn't too windy for watersliding though

We also did parachute games 

this was a huddling game I think

And we did rolling toddlers in a blanket

here they are two babes in tartan. all in all it was a great day - Callum has a birthday next month and wants to go 10 pin bowling - he has just discovered the SImpsons...Doh!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Going private

GoingtoGalicia started out as a way of keeping friends and family informed about our move, Clustrmaps is showing me a widening readership particularly since the lyme disease posts. Given the personal nature of some of the information in the archives I am going to keep the blog available to friends and family and other known contacts but close it to public access from this Wednesday. Could anyone wishing to retain access post a comment in reply to this thread, comments will not be published but, if email addresses are included, will enable me to set membership.

I will develop the View from Valdovino blog in a more anonymous form that will still provide some insight into life out here although due to work commitments this is unlikely to start until next week.